Dear Sir/Madam

Association Distributors of Ukraine is the union of independent great regional distributive companies, which are the distributive leaders in all Ukrainian regions in selling Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

Association Distributors of Ukraine possesses developed channels network of selling the following goods and has at its disposal sufficient material resources, which gives an opportunity to talk about almost utter coverage of the territory of Ukraine by its distributive network.

All the members of Association Distributors of Ukraine have great and abundant experience in their distributive activity.

It offers an opportunity to establish marketing chain in a short space of time and with greater efficiency.

Besides, Association Distributors of Ukraine in its activity entirely contributes to:
- organization and establishment mutually beneficial international contacts of ADU members with foreign partners, including the producers of the following goods;
- search foreign partners for profitable cooperation with Association Distributors of Ukraine;
- hold receptions, in Ukrainian territory, of the representatives of foreign and international producers of various goods;
- participation of Ukrainian distributors in the exhibitions both in Ukrainian territory and abroad;
- general realization and achievement of great investment programs and projects by ADU members and their potential foreign partners.

Respectfully yours,
Sergiy Dovbush
The President of Association Distributors of Ukraine

65013 , Baltskaya Road Street,2, Odessa, Ukraine
Phone.: +38 0482 375701
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the members of Association Distributors of Ukraine distribute: